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Improves fire protection in any construction.

The IRIS fire retardant line has a specific product for parquet that preserves the properties of the wood unchanged, guaranteeing high aesthetic standards. This product contains fundamental technology for fire safety in both public and private spaces. According to the European standard UNE EN 13501-1:2019, it allows

  • stop the fire principle
  • limit the emission of toxic gases
  • retard the spread of flame

This varnish, in addition to its physical-chemical properties linked to fire safety, is a product developed with our new formulation of water-based products for wood, which respect the planet and thus reduce environmental impact.


This is an aliphatic polyurethane water-based varnish for floor coating. In accordance with the UNE-EN 13501-1:2019 standard, its reaction to fire behaviour is classified as BflS1 (accredited by the technological institute AIDIMME). In addition, according to the UNE-EN 14354:2017 standard regarding abrasion and impact, the product is considered suitable for wood floors for general COMMERCIAL USE and high/heavy traffic.

This product has optimum transparency, drying and hardness properties comparable to traditionally used solvent products and is also available in various degrees of gloss.

It should be noted that the product is water-based, so it has all the characteristic properties of this type of environmentally friendly varnish, ensuring excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical-mechanical resistance and surface hardness.

Igniter EC-WI parquet, is a unique product that is used as a base and finish on raw wood or previously stained, ready to apply with brush or roller.

What is Bfl S1?

The European classification system for the behaviour of materials in their reaction to fire comprises 7 main classifications. Of these 7, “B”, represents those construction products that are safe in terms of fire safety and “fl” refers to the fact that they are floor-based. This classification is complemented by the subclassification “s” relating to the production and opacity of smoke generated in the fire. In our case, “s1″, means that there is a low quantity and speed of smoke (best possible classification to achieve).

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