A la carte products


Varnish is a product that has evolved a lot in the last decades. All this has been imposed by increasingly demanding regulations as well as by the needs of customers who are covering more and more spectrums.

To satisfy both needs we have had to define, test and implement new control and quality processes. Through these scientific tests controlled by our research team we have reached new conclusions about the product and particular standards.



They are the most standardized products on the market, and we have been working with them from the beginning, pioneering the UV range since 1986. This type of product allows us to offer greater versatility to the needs of the client, offering them improvements in the physical-chemical characteristics and great qualities in our great range of products, which reaches more than 2000 personalized varieties per client. Our varnishes are characterized by being composed of 100% solids and with 0 emissions. They also have drying without evaporation (fast drying).



This product line is mainly characterized by the fact that its main base is water. It is a very attractive and environmentally friendly type of varnish, which is why we are committed to offering this ecological guarantee to our customers and at the same time collaborating with the environment. Among its different advantages, we can highlight the fast drying, the soft smells and the high resistance to alkalinity. It is valid for both exterior and interior use.



This line has a wide range of colours and finishes. Besides being an ecological paint, its powder does not allow the generation of residues, so the application is efficient and without losses. It presents high resistance to corrosion with great hardness and resistance to sunlight.