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The revolution of fire retardants: ultraviolet fire retardants.

The IRIS line of fire retardants, which includes a wide range of products, continues to grow with a new addition, ultraviolet fire retardants. As we mentioned in previous publications, at IRIS we are committed to fireproofing. This new incorporation, widely used in serial production lines of panels and doors, also allows to stop the principle of fire, limit the emission of toxic gases and delay the spread of flames, according to the European standard UNE EN 13501-1:2019.


The IGNITER EC-6020 UV CF is a UV-drying acrylic finish, which is characterised by good stretching, evenness of shade, good hardness and outstanding fire retardant properties. This product is prepared to remain on the roller without thickening, thus avoiding the addition of solvent. Its main use is as a finish for the flat parts of furniture, doors and boards previously anchored and sanded. This finish must always be accompanied by IGNIFOND EC-5116 UV CF, thus guaranteeing that it complies with the UNE EN 13501-1:2019 standard and is classified with Bs1d0. IGNITER EC-6020 UV CF is available from deep matt to gloss and can be applied in Roller, Rill Roller, Laser Roller or similar.

The product IGNIFOND EC-5116 UV CF is a UV-drying acrylic putty (primer). It is characterised by its high coverage, high reactivity, easy sanding and also by its fireproof properties. This filler is prepared to remain on the roller without thickening and therefore also avoids the addition of solvent (as happens with IGNITER EC-6020 UV CF). Its use is basically for the preparation of the base on wood or DM veneer. This base must always be accompanied by IGNITER EC-6020 UV CF to be able to certify and guarantee that it complies with the UNE EN 13501-1:2019 standard, being classified with Bs1d0. IGNIFOND EC-5116 UV CF can be applied with roller, reverse or spatula machines.

What does B s1 d0 mean?

The European classification system for the behaviour of materials in their reaction to fire comprises 7 main classifications. Of these 7, «B», represents those construction products that are safe in terms of fire safety. This classification is complemented by subclassifications «s» relating to the production and opacity of smoke generated in the fire and «d» refers to the production of flaming droplets or particles.

In our case, «s1″, is equivalent to a low quantity and speed of smoke (best possible classification to achieve) and «d0″, implies that no flaming drops/particles are produced (equally this classification is the best accreditation that these tests can give).

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