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We extended the family Ecofilm. This product, originally designed as a water-based finish for wood interiors, has been tested for gold and silver foil coating and has proven to be a highly qualified product for this purpose, as it does not alter its appearance and gives it physical-chemical resistance.

AQUATER WI-7106 BRILLO belongs to the water-based family under the heading «Ecofilm», so, added to its already mentioned properties, it is an environmentally friendly product, without odours and with the many advantages that water-based products have.

This product is a water-based transparent gloss finish that can be applied to any type of surface previously treated to be coated with silver foil or similar.

It must be taken into account that the adhesive for silver foil can influence the final result of the process. That is why it is recommended to check it before production. On the other hand, the curing time for this type of product must be taken into account.

It is a product that can be applied to multiple sectors such as mouldings for paintings and furniture in general covered with gold/silver foil or any product similar to craftsmanship processes.

Due to the type of piece where the gold/silver foil is usually used, the recommended system is the spray gun (air or mixed equipment) and application systems that may damage the gold/silver foil surface should be avoided.

AQUATER WI-7106 BRILLO is another water based product of IRIS with remarkable qualities among its many properties as it allows the surface of gold and silver foil to remain unaltered after its application.

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