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Nature is beautiful... why not imitate it?

Every day our Lab studies innovative formulas to obtain new products with special effects so that aesthetics and design in decoration are other key points of our products, always counting on the quality guarantee that characterizes IRIS products.

Under this perspective appears RAINDROP a water-based varnish that offers a new proposal to our customers, obtained by combining shades and materials to give a solution compatible with a reality of nature, rain and its effect of freshness that will allow our customers to innovate in their designs.


In this post we present the product RAINDROP. This product belongs to the Ecofilm family (the IRIS water-based paint family). As its name indicates, it is a product that simulates water drops and has countless advantages, not only because of its infinite decorative applications but also because it belongs to the family of water-based products that are always respectful of the environment and for which we at IRIS have been committed for years.

RAINDROP is a water-based product that stands out for its fast drying, final hardness of the coating, mechanical and chemical resistance to common cleaning products, as well as its good adhesion to different substrates (plywood, MDF…). Although black is the most commonly used colour for the textured finish, we have a wide range of colours available to customise our customers’ requirements. This product allows to achieve different drop sizes depending on the nozzle diameter, air pressure and distance of its application.

Among its many applications, we highlight its use for the lacquering of loudspeakers, since a quality finish in the construction of the speakers has a decisive impact on the sound we will obtain.

It is a type of varnish that must be applied with a boiler system or an airmix. It can be air dried or heat forced, where the drop size will vary depending on the nozzle, air pressure and distance of application.

It is one of our water-based products, based on acrylic polymers that have the outstanding characteristics of this range of varnishes (odourless, environmentally friendly…).

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