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One of the big “jobs to be done” in the coating industry is the UV roller coating of deep decorative reliefs/roughs such as ceiling panels, or shallower surfaces such as “grooved doors “ or grooved surfaces. These types of surfaces require a lot of precision to achieve a perfect finish, reaching those difficult nooks and crannies, which means more time, more product and therefore MUCH MORE COST 

We present a solution for this that allows: high working speeds, in an efficient way, with low or zero VOC emissions. In Giardina Group, its team of R&D experts has developed a roller machine that aims to solve this problem, called “Rollertech Flexi“.   

Some of its most differential aspects are: the construction materials, dimensions and arrangement of the applicator roller (it can be used inclined or perpendicular to the workpiece feed direction). Another advantage of the “Rollertech Flexi” is that it can replace another conventional roller machine without the need to change the line layout.     


Industrias Químicas IRIS has developed a 100% solids, UV-drying product with high transfer rate, good sanding and good adhesion on different types of substrates. After several tests in the laboratory of Giardina Group, its performance and adaptation to the “Rollertech Flexi” system has been verified, optimising the processes carried out up to that moment.   



In its commitment to excellence, Iris works to evolve products in line with the needs of the planet, complying with all the certifications that guarantee and recognise this effort. We adapt to new standards and develop products for a more sustainable existence without compromising on quality. Proof of this is that, once again, we comply with the requirements that lead to the renewal of IQNET and AENOR quality certificates (you can read about it at: Collaborating with different companies in the sector always to move forward, as just in case, with Giardina Group.  

We will continue on our path of quality and sustainability to offer our customers the experience of more than 35 years in the sector.  

If you want to see how this new technology works, visit our YouTube channel, it will surprise you:, subscribe, we will surprise you.

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