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This occasion, Industrias Químicas Iris, has as its protagonist a family of products that has the best physical-chemical performance that can be used by professionals in the sector. We are referring to aliphatic acrylic polyurethanes. 

They have various functions and provide fantastic characteristics that make our lives more comfortable. Durability, protection, natural finish, different shades and colours, multiple application markets?  

We will know what they are and where they are applied in order to understand what is our direct “relationship” with this product. We will also see how best to use and maintain them. 

PRODUCT, What is it and what is it used for?

Let’s start with what kind of product it is. It is an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane composed of an acrylic resin (which, depending on its chemical structure, allows us to focus on mechanical properties and/or chemical resistance, among other functions) plus an aliphatic isocyanate. It is a product that can be chemically modified to obtain the results required for certain applications. 


Transparent acrylics, at Industrias Químicas Iris.

It is used to seal and coat wood, metal, fibreglass, plastics, … and a long etcetera of materials providing a compact finish, resistant to UV light –which does not decompose quickly or turn yellow-, hard with traction and high temperatures, waterproof, resistant to certain chemical products….. We find it in our professional and personal environment in kitchens, bathrooms, etc.… each one with its own characteristics applied after a great process of research and development according to the programmed needs. Therefore, it is understood that they do not all have the same resistance as they are madeto measurefor each surface. We will find that outdoor surfaces have different resistance needs than indoor surfaces and for all of them we have the perfect finish. 


This is one of ourstrong points“: at Industrias Químicas Iris, specification for each customer and excellence in the finished product for their application is our maxim. Stay with us to know how wide is this product family and its applications. We will surprise you. 

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