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At Industrias Químicas Iris, we have solutions for all types of finishes. Each sector needs its own product, and of course: that new lines of applications and finishes are investigated, so that we can combine sustainable production with productivity, with new trends and lines that move to the sound of the market.

As CUSTOMERS, we are capable of being attracted by a refined design or by a specific durability depending on the use. We can also move with health criteria, for which there are products prepared to be more or less resistant to certain external agents (see our article to see better what we are talking about We opt for shapes and compositions and, of course, also for splendid finishes that offer us that desired kitchen or bathroom. For all of this, a series of products are needed which, together with the right preparatory treatment (primer), form the perfect team for an exquisite finish.Here, as PROFESSIONALS/SELLERS in a wide range of sectors, we have the perfect combinations to find the individual finished product you need.



Straight, refined lines, such a natural finish that it looks as if no product has been applied. Opposite, the material is protected and coated with acrylic finishes. They are part of this family of transparent acrylic products and are intended to “prepare” the substrate for finishing.  In this type of natural finish, without gloss, with an almost velvety finish, we work for example with IRIDUR IR-2001/2, IR-2001/4 or 2001/6 as an exterior component, anchored with IRIDUR IR-158, achieving matt surfaces, deep matt and other nuances. In addition, we protect the material and provide durability with proper care. 



This is a sector in which everything is much more familiar to us. Let’s bear in mind that these are rooms that require high chemical and friction resistance where heat (dry and wet), food products, cleaning products or the use of the components or supports are continuous and with a certaindanger“. For this, regardless of the colour (we also do “magic with colour“), we find that, normally, the surfaces have a certain amount of shine and the following products could be combined: with an IRIDUR IR-220 OR IR-2020 type finish, it would be finished with an IRIDUR IR-130, providing an impeccable appearance and at the same time resistant to all thosetormentsto which they are exposed on a daily basis.


This market is as special as it is rigorous in the conditions in which it lives: high levels of humidity, mobility, the need to meet specific aesthetic criteria, durability, design, perfect fit of the different components: uniformity in any case raised to the highest level. Industrias Químicas Iris, contributes to the interiors with luxury finishes and anchoring that provide the quality and delicacy  required in this market area. For them we have a winning team, highly qualified for high gloss surfaces by applying the products IRIDUR IR-2047 or IRIDUR IR-2068, previously prepared with the primer IRIDUR IR-1052.

Without further ado, there are many sectors in which Industrias Químicas Iris, with a great team of researchers and developers, comes with the highest qualification. If you are a professional, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you the best option for your business, moreover, specification is our forte, so do not hesitate to tell us what you need and we will create it for you.

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