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Since the beginning of IRIS, we have been committed to the motto “It’s our planet, we must respect it”. We are committed to evolving our products and the materials we use in their packaging according to the needs of the planet, insisting that our company is responsible and respectful of the environment. This is why we have decided to use recycled and recyclable packaging made from steel for our products.

Steel is a material that has numerous advantages for developing our objective of being a sustainable company, as it is an infinitely recyclable material without losing its essential qualities such as resistance, hardness and malleability, among others.

The steel in use today could be more than 150 years old!

To verify this, we carried out exhaustive tests on our containers to check their capabilities: weight control, drops, compression, product maintenance inside, etc. The Unión de Empresas Siderúrgicas de España (UNESID) estimates that around 22,000 million tonnes of steel have been recycled worldwide since 1900.

Another advantage of steel is that all products created from this material can be recycled, so the recycling of steel is complete, with a recycling rate of approximately 100%. This allows the production of new products from recycled products to be cyclical. Moreover, anything can be produced from recycled steel.

The use of steel as the main recyclable material has allowed savings to be made over the years in materials such as iron ore, water, energy and coal, according to a report by UNESID.

All of this means that at IRIS we are committed to using steel-based packaging, as we are fully committed to the environment.

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