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From the IRIS laboratory we try to innovate our products on a daily basis, looking for new formulas to offer different and special varnishes that always have the characteristic quality of the products we offer.

PEELABLE PAINT is an aqueous product that offers an infinite number of uses for our customers, protecting the surfaces to which it is applied from occasional spills or splashes.

AQUATER WI-6126 PEELABLE PAINT belongs to the ECOFILM family (IRIS range of water-based paints), it is a single-component product based on water-based polyurethane dispersions.

As indicated in the name itself, it is a peelable varnish, i.e. when applied on a surface a protective film is created on it which has a very good resistance to splashes of fillers, cements, paints, glues, etc., being able to remove it later as if it were an adhesive, taking these splashes with it and leaving the surface completely clean.

AQUATER WI-6126 can only be diluted with water and is generally applied by roller but can also be applied by spray gun. The drying time of this product (depending on the environmental conditions and grammage) will be approximately two hours, although the results improve from one day to the next.

It allows multiple applications, although it is especially recommended for application on any non-porous support, such as glass, PVC, aluminium, any lacquered surface, etc. We have a wide range of colours available to customise this product according to the requirements of our customers.

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