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Once again, Industrias Químicas Iris offers you a new milestone in innovation. A product that is so necessary and that covers the needs that specialists in tarpaulins and awnings require. We continue on our path to excellence in offering those products that the market demands. We present AQUATER WIE-7107 FOR CANVAS.

AQUATER WIE-7107 FOR CANVAS is a water-based aliphatic polyurethane varnish for varnishing PVC tarpaulins such as:

– Transport tarpaulins

– Banners

– Banners

The purpose of this varnish is not only to protect the coated surface but also to extend the life of the prints, protecting them from external radiation and possible scratches during the cleaning process.

Our product has excellent properties of transparency and flexibility and excellent chemical properties to the usual cleaning agents, such as water, soap solutions, etc.

This product belongs to the IRIS WATER-BASED LINE, ECOFILM. It is a single-component varnish that is available in both matt and gloss to cover a wide range of finishes and is recommended to be applied by roller. This one-component polyurethane varnish forms hard, elastic films that are highly resistant to abrasion and provide long-lasting protection against humidity.

Being water-based, this product has the innumerable advantages that this type of line has: mild odours, quick drying, high resistance to alkalinity, making it ABSOLUTELY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, one of our slogans. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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