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At Industrias Químicas Iris we live colour through our products; we CUSTOMISE each characteristic that makes our customers obtain the EXACT result. The intensity of a colour that fills us with sensations. Thanks to our technique and experience we achieve perfection in surfaces by applying the ideal finish to a specific need, the brightness, depth and intensity of the colour is produced after a long way of research and development.

To be “conscious” of what colour makes us feel, we will talk about CHROMOTHERAPY.

It is also known as “Colour Therapy“.  It tries to make coloured light or environments that have a certain colour useful for the treatment of illnesses or to try to improve health. Is included into  alternative therapies, being a pseudo-scientific practice.

Actually, colours “are wavelengths of electromagnetic energy that we see through our eyes”. The colour we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected by a given object. We observe when all the colours come together results white light. Therefore, working with white light brings about wholeness, unity, the union of all complementary parts.

Each colour provokes a psychological reaction that leads to certain moods: warm, strong colours encourage and produce energetic reactions, ideal for creative environments such as red or magenta. For more relaxed moments, with less reactive but renewing energy, we would opt for green, blue or violet.

The importance of colour is key: it determines our personality, our mood, but it also helps us to distinguish brands and/or commercial products. There is a whole range of information that we receive through the shapes and colours of certain brands and this begins in our childhood.

At Industrias Químicas Iris, we know how to work with an infinity of finishes that manifest this infinity of colour. The personalisation at a specific level for each of our customers.

Don’t miss our extraordinary Colour’ March.

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