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White: always the colour.

It has been and continues to be the top colour for any sector. It has prevailed in all of them and over any trend: bathroom furniture, kitchens, interior doors, domestic furniture, decoration, table tops, outdoor furniture, etc. It has withstood the passage of time and the different crises that have occurred in each market, becoming more and more established. This colour, in turn, evolves with different trends that sometimes make us call it “off-white”, “nuclear white”, “bone”, “stone”  or “linen white” for example.  We are talking about an almost infinite range of shades. We can distinguish them in different measures such as the colour charts  -Ral, Ncs, Trousers, etc…-  and in expert hands in colour as in Industrias QuĂ­micas Iris. We perfect to the millimetre any shade that our customers need.

As we say, we find a RAL 9003 or RAL 9016 or perhaps an NCS S500N. All of them and many more,   are under the denomination of WHITE. This, together with different degrees of gloss: matt, deep matt, satin, and high gloss, makes it possible to achieve the white that a customer needs, but always white.

White and more white: Many strengths.  

  • Adaptability to many markets.

  • Great variety of nuances.

  • Versatile application modes: roller, spray, curtain, etc…

  • Extensive product ranges

  • High gloss range from deep matte to high gloss.

  • High-quality sustainable lines

Always white.

The white pigments used in the manufacture of these products act by their nature as UV filters for sunlight. Therefore, in general, we are talking about products with very good colour stability, with very good resistance to ageing.

The technological development of white in the furniture industry has been oriented towards large production lines, and in Industrias QuĂ­micas IRIS, in its eagerness to adapt to the requirements of the market and its automation, the “White” has been the guiding thread for our R+D+I. But without losing sight of conventional technologies, complementary to the above in many cases, and in others is the basis of the painting section of small industries, but no less important for us. At Iris, we always aim to achieve the best final process quality and production cost ratio for our customers.

White is one of the strong points at Industrias QuĂ­micas Iris.

With a clear trend and vocation towards the reduction of emissions, the target has been no less. At Industrias QuĂ­micas Iris, we have worked in pro of a sustainable environment contributing with products developed for this purpose. For example, in our water-based ECOFILM line, we find developments such as AQUATER WI-6124 WHITE or AQUATER WI-6104 WHITE, with extraordinary quality as well as AQUATER WI-8014 UV WHITE, a water-based product with ultraviolet drying.

Among thousands of references for each sector, product and/or finish, we also have high-solids UV drying products, such as IRIPOL IR-557/FXR UV FONDO BCO. CF or IRIPOL IR-7008 UV BRIGHT WHITE BRIGHT CF, with great success in special applications.

In short, white was the origin that today remains the leader of pigmented systems, and that has allowed us to develop the technology to make any colour in any of our products. Industrias QuĂ­micas Iris takes each product to the finish that your product needs.

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