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Welcome to one of our most specialised processes at Industrias Químicas Iris. We are going to delve into something as “daily things” as BRIGHTNESS or GLOSS. We will see that it is not an easy mission to meet demands of trade market but, with a great professional team in ongoing development, amazing results can undoubtedly be achieved.  Let’s talk about it. In it self, brightness is a physical property, in fact is:

i.e. “the ability of matter to reflect light’s certain spectrums“.  


For us, moreover, gloss+ colour are basic physical properties that define a finish. The measure of gloss or degree of gloss is defined by the percentage of light reflection on a surface. It is measured with a “gloss meter”, a precision device to detect and give a value for any degree of gloss on different surfaces, from opaque to high gloss. The ideal angle of measurement is 60°. With the naked eye it is often difficult to differentiate between degrees of gloss.   

The gloss-meter detects the gloss levels of a coating. However, the slightest differences are often irrelevant to the naked eye. It has to be taken into account that each person, or each eye, perceives gloss differently.

Different tests have shown different results for the gloss of a coating, some without even measuring it. This is due to the different viewing angles of the observer as well as the light intensity at the time of inspection. This is why some coated surfaces viewed perpendicularly appear dull, while those viewed from an almost horizontal angle appear to be very shiny. The value of a high gloss coating is typically between 70 and 100 UB (gloss units).   

This reveals a range of finishes for which we are specialists in our sector. The sensations that the same object provokes with different finishes are different so it can be adapted to the needs of each client.  

Industrias Quimicas Iris always at top, making our customers shine. 
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