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Broadly speaking, we can define tintometric system as a “system of paint preparation for different purposes, by machines that reproduce the exact shade of a chart of thousands of colours“. Each brand and/or manufacturer may have different systems.   

The tintometric system is today a very necessary system for paint sellers and for consumers who wish to choose the exact colour; it is not only industry and decoration that benefit from this tool.  

Tintometric machines and mixers  

In itself, it is a machine, operated by a computer system, which prepares the exact colour according to a colour chart that is “memorised” in the device. The system combines a base paint with the right amount of dyes for the required quantity.  

 On the other hand, the mixers are responsible for homogenising the mixture of paint and added dyes. For each device, there are different types of mixers depending on the system used to mix the paint, as well as the size of the paint can used.


Paint sellers benefit from this extraordinary tool as they can supply the customer with the colours they require and prepare it as needed, without having a stock of each colour (not an easy thing to do). The final consumer has at his disposal an impeccable service thanks to the fact that he has at his disposal the shade he wants.

For other colours… Spectrophotometer  

Let’s suppose we want an exact colour according to a sample we have on any support. One of the possibilities is to compare it with the various samples/colour charts that these systems have stored in their memory, until you find the one that most closely resembles it. The other is to use the spectrophotometer, a small device that detects the colour of any surface and passes it to the system to prepare the indicated shade. (This option is not available on all systems).

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