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Químicas Iris: sustainability objectives

Industrias Químicas Iris is a company committed to the 2030 Schedule. Year after year, we reinforce the concept of research and development on the quality and variety of our products and in improving our processes to meet quality, safety and sustainability objectives.



VOCs in the industry

Historically, any company in the sector produced a considerable amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) given the traditional use of solvent-based industrial paints, corrosion protection, etc.  

The result of this situation was CO2, pollution of the oceans and also on the land, due to the disposal of the waste generated.

VOCs and Agenda 2030

We must be aware of the risks of these emissions: the industrial sectors that emit VOCs during their production processes are very diverse. In our case, the chemical industry uses large quantities of volatile solvents. The paint, coatings, printing and automotive industries also regularly produce this type of pollutant. If you want to know more about these acronyms, do not hesitate to visit our article on VOC where you will find all the information related to this aspect of the sector.

On the road to a sustainable healthy environment, several studies have been initiated in recent years with different techniques for the reduction of VOCs in products with very good results.  From the Ministry for Ecological Transition, we can also consult this link in its last update of 2021 BOE-A-2018-9466 in which governmental information on state guidelines on the development of sustainable techniques and developments is provided. We also have the invaluable help of ASEFAPI, an organization representing the sector that offers a fierce informative follow-up on legislation, compliances and everything related to this market. The objectives proposed in the 2030 Schedule are, fundamentally, based on Sustainable Development referring to responsible development, production and consumption, as well as environmental protection, among others.

At Iris, we are determined to contribute to this end and to protect our environment.

At Iris, our drive to improve every step of the way has led us to meet the target set for 2022 to reduce the number of VOCs to less than half.

This purpose is in line with better environmental management for which we strive every year with the fulfilment of our quality and environmental certificates that you can consult on our website. It is a constant effort of the entire Iris team. It is the commitment to continue advancing in sustainable development. We work for a better product and for a planet free of pollutants that are born from the great professionals of Industrias Químicas Iris.

For more information about our environmental policy, Certificates or any other questions, please do not hesitate to write to:

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