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“Calander Inert Technology” achieves high visual quality with exceptional surface resistance. This technology is designed to varnish and dry in the absence of oxygen and without the need for tunnels and evaporation/levelling times. In this way, environmental dirt is avoided, which is one of the major problems of finishing, especially in the case of High Gloss. This reduces non-conformities due to quality to a minimum and eliminates the usual polishing work required for high quality finishing, achieving a high production output.

The “Calander Inert System” consists of calendering, smoothing with plastic film and curing through the film of the varnish film previously applied by roller at the same time. Curing is carried out with high pressure UV lamps in an inert atmosphere, which is created by placing the plastic film on top of the varnish film. High-pressure UV lamps can be added in-line after the Calander Inert Technology to adapt the final product properties to the customer’s needs.

The surface structure of the plastic film, which is transferred to the varnish, determines the degree of gloss of the topcoat offering a range from 3% to 95% (at an angle of 60º).

The products (100% solids) developed by Industrias Químicas IRIS for the “Calander Inert System” and its different types of UV curing, have been evaluated with different plastic films, both for their surface structure and their composition (PET, PET+EVA, PE), which allows different options to optimise the final cost of the process (varnish + plastic film) maintaining optimum results in terms of final quality and physical-chemical resistance.

In collaboration with Barberán, S.A. and its technicians, our products have been tested and verified in their applications laboratory, on the IHGC (Inert High Gloss Calander) line, which applies Calander Inert System.

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