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Transparent and pigmented polyurethanes: reaching all markets


In our industry, the evolution of the market in all sectors has resulted in an almost unlimited range of products for an infinite number of applications with different characteristics and needs. We reach every customer, every sector: furniture, cladding, flooring, interior doors, toys, sports facilities, etc…

Precisely, these markets require certain differences: composition, application, resistance, gloss or lack thereof, with more basic or high performance. Can be used indoors, and outdoors…

Pigmented and/or transparent polyurethane finishes are products that offer all these possibilities which, at Industrias Químicas Iris, we provide to your sector, according to your specific needs.

We opt for shapes and compositions and, of course, also for splendid finishes that offer us that desired kitchen or bathroom. This requires a series of products which, together with the appropriate preparatory treatment (primer), form the perfect team for an exquisite finish. Here, as a PROFESSIONAL in a wide range of sectors, we have the perfect combinations to find the individual finished product you need.

Industrias Químicas Iris serves different markets all over the world, come in and join us!

What polyurethanes are?

To begin with, we will see what we are talking about.

They can be 1-component, where the second component is the environmental humidity (less used nowadays) and 2-component. Basically, “it is a polymer obtained by combining hydroxylated polymers with isocyanates”. The great diversity of these two groups according to their chemical composition makes the polyurethane family the most extensive and diverse family of coatings for the wood and wood-related industries on the market.

The appropriate selection and combination of the two components cause a chemical reaction that results in a tenacious, long-lasting and transparent or opaque varnish film, fulfilling the objectives desired by the applicator for its final use.

Characteristic points of this product family: 
  • Adaptability to various markets

  • Very easy to use

  • Adaptability to various markets.

  • Very easy to use

  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance

  • Silkiness, uniformity of shading, …

  • Versatile application methods: roller, spray, curtain, etc…

  • Excellent transparency

  • A very wide range of products

  • Of course, they are available transparent and coloured (PIGMENTED) and in a range of glosses from deep matt to high gloss.

  • Also available with different effect pigments.



In furniture, the appearance, resistance and functionality are worked on specifically according to the client and his market. We can treat from a table to a wooden hanger with a variety of products, giving it an infinite number of details or nuances. The range is as varied as the various substrates to be varnished or painted. Naturally, the furniture can be treated with a transparent product or lacquered in any of the countless colours presented in our different ranges. If we go into detail, for example in the case of seating, thixotropic products with excellent resistance to knocks are used.

For example, for ashlar masonry, thixotropic products with good impact resistance are used, such as IRIDUR IR-165 FONDO (especially suitable for this type of product). This is a quick-drying polyurethane primer with good standability both manually and by machine. Its good wetting and impact resistance is outstanding. It can be applied with electrostatic equipment.

On the other hand, IRIDUR IR-2001/2, with good drying speed, uniformity of shading and hardness. Good wetting of the substrate, and excellent resistance to yellowing. It is available in gloss from semi-matt to deep matt. Ideal for varnishing interior furniture where a natural wood appearance and good feel are desired.

For tables, products with excellent physical and chemical resistance are available. Our customers can obtain products with countless finishes: different shades of gloss, silky touch or natural look. What can we say about the colours, as infinite as our customers’ needs are? With the following base coat, for example, we can achieve excellent results. As an example, we mention our IRIDUR IR-155 FONDO, which has excellent repaintability. Suitable for low-density woods and with a finish in any gloss range, even with high gloss ones.


This market also has an infinite number of specific needs depending on its installation and use. There are differences between ready-assembled floors and floors to be assembled, for example. Each with its necessary characteristics. Shine, colour, durability, domestic or public use. In these cases, we have products that cover all these needs, and most importantly: “water-based” developments for brilliant results in a sustainable way. For example, IGNITER EC-WI PARQUET, which in turn, has a certification of IGNITER PRODUCT, UNE EN 13501-1:02. On the other hand, our solvent-based products continue to provide the same reliability as always in the most extreme conditions and as required by the customer. For example, an IRIDUR IR-1040 base coat with the finishes IRIDUR IR-2100 for gloss, IRIDUR IR-2060 satin or IRIDUR IR-2030 in a spectacular matt finish.

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Industrias Químicas Iris has a wide range of products specially created for this type of material. It provides spectacular conditions of resistance and finishes.  As an example: the METALTER line. This line offers particular characteristics for each type of metal, whether indoors or outdoors, such as decorative complements, lighting, furniture, etc. Depending on the element to be treated and the customer’s needs, we have the METALTER HC/2, whose characteristics are , being an aliphatic polyurethane-acrylic finish, non-yellowing, suitable for direct application on most metal surfaces, with good drying speed, hardness and adhesion. Available in all the gloss range. It has covering power and excellent outdoor resistance. This product is pigmented in a wide range of colours and its corresponding metallic and textured colours. Its improved adhesion version METALTER HC/3. The latter is a non-yellowing aliphatic polyurethane-acrylic finish, suitable for direct application on most metal surfaces, with good drying speed, hardness and adhesion. Available too in all the gloss range.  High hiding power and excellent outdoor resistance.

With their respective catalytic converters, they provide a perfect finish.

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The conditions found in outdoor spaces logically require certain special characteristics. Iris, of course, has developed specific polyurethane products that meet these requirements.

As an example, our PU EXTERIORS NA FINISH. It is a 2-component polyurethane finish with high coverage, transparent, highly resistant to outdoor use and available in a wide range of glosses.  It is especially recommended for application on wooden elements that have been previously coated with PU Fondo Exteriores NA and that are to be exposed to the exterior.

In addition, of course, in this line of the example, we also have PU EXTERIORES BLANCO NA, a white acrylic polyurethane finish, which is ideal for lacquering surfaces exposed to the elements. With great hiding power and excellent resistance to weather conditions. It is available in Gloss, Satin, Semi-Matt and Matt/30 grades. Impeccable finishes for all types of surfaces: windows, doors, shutters, gazebos, wooden railings, outdoor street furniture, garden furniture, etc.

Precisely, our technique allows us to offer a high-quality product that meets the customer’s requirements, even with small nuances of colour, gloss or resistance to give EXACTLY the desired result, as only in Industrias Químicas Iris we can do. In addition, we comply with safety standards and are on the way to sustainability, which makes Químicas Iris the ideal answer to carry out your work contributing to taking care of our environment with the most exquisite finishes in the market.

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