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There are many advantages, which make this family of products the largest volume in the production of varnishes and paints in INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRIS SA.

The range of IRIS solvent coatings is made up of a wide range of products with numerous possibilities in terms of:

  • Physical-chemical resistance.
  • Mechanical performance.
  • Versatility in application (adjustable to customer-specific working conditions).
  • Final quality of the painting (open pore, closed pore, color, etc …)

The use of one or other of the following products that make up the IRIS range will be motivated by the final performance required from the coating, as well as by the system and application conditions available in the facilities where the coating is to be done.

The range of IRIS solvent-based products consists of:

  • Stains: products for the colouring of the wood showing the grain of the wood. Depending on their composition and final application, we distinguish between hydroalcoholic, solvent, electrostatic, translucent and concentrated stains.
  • Pigmentary pastes: products intended for the pigmentation of varnishes in order to be able to produce any colour of the RAL and NCS charts.
  • Glazers, Diffusers and Patches: products intended for different wood enhancing and beautifying effects.
  • Nitrocellulose varnishes: single-component products that stand out for their high drying speed and ease of application. They stand out for their natural appearance and warmth to the touch.
  • Polyurethane varnishes: two-component products that stand out for their great versatility in the application of any type of surface and in the desired final performance. According to their composition, three main groups can be distinguished; alkyd, saturated polyester and acrylic. This makes it the most numerous range of our company.
  • Redox Curing Varnishes: products based on unsaturated polyester (with and without styrene) that stand out for their high covering power.
  • UV Curing Varnishes: products based on unsaturated polyesters, acrylics or different combinations between them. Curing takes place under the action of ultraviolet radiation in a matter of seconds. Its fast curing process allows for immediate stacking and considerable savings in storage space. This makes it a very useful varnish in facilities with high production.
  • Fire retardant coatings: the aim of these varnishes is not to worsen the conditions of a place where a fire has occurred and to facilitate the evacuation of the place and the extinction of the fire. Our fireproof varnishes are certified under the European standard UNE EN-13501-1 (Euroclasses).
  • Solvents: products intended for the dissolution and/or dilution of our varnishes. The final objective is the adjustment “in situ” of the varnish in the facilities of our clients, in order to adjust to the application and environmental conditions present in them. With the solvents, we will basically act on the viscosity and evaporation speed of the varnishes to be applied.

It should be noted that the raw material used by IRIS is free of heavy metals (lead, chrome, cadmium, mercury and barium), which means that IRIS’ solvent-based products comply with standard EN-71.3 on coatings for toys and furniture in contact with children.

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