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S.A.T.: The Best Service


Today we are introducing a service which has been growing and developing for decades. In Industrias Químicas Iris, we are conscious of the effort of our team and our customers to offer their market a quality product in impeccable conditions. The different forms of applications and developments are creating new types of production and set the research guidelines for us to be able to correctly attend to the questions that may arise in each work station.

What does Industrias Químicas Iris’S.A.T. do?


In addition to providing technical solutions, our Technical Assistance Service (TAS) is part of the product design process, adapting it to the specific needs of each customer and their production system. This allows us to provide a tailor-made product, ensuring that all customer requirements are met and optimum performance is achieved.

We offer continuous support to maximise quality and reduce production costs. We work efficiently to avoid adverse process situations for our customers. At the same time, the key to service is also efficiency in resolving difficulties when they arise, always maintaining direct communication with the customer, without intermediaries. This gives us the opportunity to identify opportunities for improvement in each field.

It is important to point out that we collaborate with our customers in person and with Iris products in tests prior to the purchase of new machinery. We guarantee that important decisions will be taken at decisive moments.

Industrias Químicas Iris: Constantly developing.

The market has high demands, which leads us to develop the optimal way to help our customers.

Our SAT team undergoes continuous training in new technologies in order to have the necessary technical knowledge in any case. We reinforce the work carried out by machinery manufacturers by collaborating directly with them in the implementation of new equipment and/or coating lines for our customers. For Iris, this point is extremely important, as first-hand knowledge of new technological developments allows us to help our customers to perfect and make their Iris product profitable with the most advanced knowledge.

At Industrias Químicas Iris we create great products and we accompany you throughout the process, consolidating both your production model as well as a reliable technical support. If more information is required, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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