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Quality control at Industrias Químicas Iris

With the aim of obtaining the highest quality standards, we have, internally, a set of regulations and verification instructions aimed at quality control both for the raw materials we receive from our suppliers and for the finished product we supply to our customers.


Most of the internal Verification Instructions applied by Industrias Químicas Iris on these products are the result of the adaptation of international regulations applicable in our sector. It also has its own Instructions that speed up the controls as well as focusing on those aspects that the Technical Department considers most important for each product.

ISO+Industrias Químicas Iris=Quality².

The ISO 9001 is an international standard that applies to quality management systems (QMS) and focuses on the elements of quality management that a company must have in order to have an effective system that allows it to manage and improve the quality of its products or services. We have recently renewed this certification which accredits the effort of Industrias Químicas Iris to improve our production processes offering an excellent service.


The quality control, as a definition  is a verification process that tries to measure and guarantee that both the product and the factors involved in the production activities comply with the regulations and are within the final specifications, ensuring its quality. This is an inseparable “tandem”. Quality management systems help us to carry out better projects in the most developed way, observing every point of the process. In our case, coupled with an environmental management system, we also strive for sustainable developments.

Qualification and professionalism.


A large team of qualified personnel is required to carry out all these tests for the quality control of the raw material and the finished product. Likewise, the necessary instrumentation is also available to carry out these quality tests. This instrumental laboratory equipment is subject to internal verification controls and external calibrations as detailed in the Monitoring Sheets of each of the laboratory equipment.

At Industrias Químicas Iris, quality control tests focus on three main groups:

  • Raw materials
  • Varnish/liquid paint
  • Varnish/paint applied

Implementation of regulations


The different departments, from the technical to the logistical, follow guidelines in accordance with the established regulations. In this case, the regulations applied in these quality controls are as follows:

  • UNE EN ISO 3219/A.3 concerning the measurement of viscosities.
  • UNE EN ISO 2811-3 concerning the measurement of densities.
  • UNE EN ISO 3251 concerning solids content.
  • UNE EN ISO 11909 on NCO content
  • UNE EN ISO 2114 concerning the acidity of the resin.
  • UNE 48 025/79 concerning resistance to hot-cold cycles.
  • UNE 48 068/94 concerning sag resistance.
  • UNE-11 019/6 concerning adhesion, scratch and impact resistance.
  • UNE EN 12 722 concerning surface resistance to dry heat.
  • UNE EN 12 721 concerning resistance to damp heat.
  • UNE EN 12 720 concerning surface resistance to cold liquids.
  • UNE 11 019/5 concerning surface resistance of fats and oils.
  • UNE 48 080 concerning the drying time.
  • ASTM D-1210/64 on pigment dispersion.
  • UNE 56 843 and UNE 56 867 concerning light fastness.
  • UNE EN ISO 15184 concerning film hardness by pencil test.
  • ASTM D-523/67 relating to the measurement of gloss.
  • UNE-EN ISO 1522-01 concerning film hardness.
  • UNE EN 927-1 referring to coatings for exterior wood.
Complying with these regulations achieves a development in the processes that we are continually refining with the efforts of the entire Iris team. The Iris team has a Technical Support Service that perfectly complements the work that begins with the technical department at the customer’s facilities. The evolution of our way of working is in progress to obtain improvements for our customers, with products that meet every need.

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