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After a period full of difficulties for humanity in general, changes and hard adaptations to unexpected situations have been the tonic of the last months. Adapting has been one of our “strong points” with the resilience that only a great company shows in difficult times.

This great family has dedicated a lot of work and effort to continue offering the excellence that each client demands, efficiently and continuously.

It should be noted that the ISO 9001 quality certificate is obtained through the implementation of a quality management system, thus continuing on the path towards continuous improvement. This international standard, which is part of the ISO 9000 family of standards, can be applied in any organisation, regardless of its sector of activity and size. It sets out a series of processes to improve the company’s performance in order to obtain a more privileged position in the market. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this quality certificate is that it has a specifically process-based approach and is oriented towards management efficiency.

This has earned us the renewal of the ISO 9001 and IQNET certificates following the recognition of the effort and work of Industrias Químicas Iris, with the appropriate evolution of the processes in constant development.

Therefore, as we always observe: “A great team creates great things”: Industrias Químicas Iris is it. Thanks to all of you.

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