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Quality and Environmental Certificates Renewal 2022/23

Again, at Industrias Químicas Iris, we are in luck with the renewal of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates. 

This June, ratifying its commitment to the quality of its products, as well as to the care and conservation of our environment, we have received, after carrying out the Renewal Audit of the Quality and Environmental Management System and after completing the evaluation process of the same by the certification body AENOR, the communication of the Renewal of our certificates: 

  • 2000/0766/GA/01 certificate no. GA-2000/0274 of our Environmental Management System. 
  • 2000/0766/ER/01 certificate number ER-2000/0274 of our Quality Management System. 


The importance of its maintenance lies in the continuity of an evolution that began more than 30 years ago. This development comes from a team in constant movement whose drive launches exclusive and innovative products made to measure every need, for every market 

The Iris technical team operates on the capacity of a resolute and tenacious production section that has grown over the years. We aim to work with an efficient integrated management system: to establish a proactive culture of prevention, improvement and environmental protection and to ensure the consistency of product and service quality. Such a path, for example, makes us reduce our emission of VOCs by achieving steps that lead us to live in a better, healthier environment. 

A group that works together and in the same line manages to fulfil our maxim: “A great team achieves great goals”. 

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