It is our planet, we have to respect it


From the beginning we have been committed to evolving our products according to the needs of the planet. We have emphasized this effort in the last decade as a global vision of a more responsible and respectful company. At IRIS we can highlight an infinite number of points where this responsibility can be seen, such as the recycled and/or recyclable packaging we use, eco lines, etc. That is why we comply with all the certifications that guarantee it.

A great business team


We are members of the Spanish Association of Paint and Printing Ink Manufacturers. From there, we receive specialised advice in a way that supports the management of current regulations, training and information for the sector.

New legislation:


Due to the change of legislation modifying Annex XVII of the REACH regulation concerning diisocyanates, the ASEFAPI association provides information on their use and handling. This training, as of 24th August 2023, is mandatory for all professionals handling these substances as they must be properly trained for industrial or professional use. More info here: