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The pink craze is unleashed


The release of the Barbie™ film has been a milestone all over the world. A Pink  movement that the most famous seventies doll of the 20th century (and for the moment, also in the 21st) transmits in its real version on the screen: fresh, funny, daring and empathetic.

Fashion, decoration and even household appliance brands have created product lines especially for the occasion, all focused on this colour, riding the wave of this premiere. The pink universe is invading us!

Barbie Pink™, the colour of the year.


Already this year we had a fantastic frontal encounter with the Pantone of the year 2023 and a multi-sensory metaverse, fresh, virtual and real at the same time that immersed us in the colour VIVA MAGENTA. Without a doubt, this 2023 is PINK. A more intense fuchsia pink with a certain depth, enveloping.

In principle, pink is perceived as sensitive, kind, gentle, soft, sweet and romantic. A symbol of youth, innocence and altruism. A colour that has a certain freshness and seems to be timeless, in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

How do you want your rose?


In Industrias Químicas IRIS, we also materialize all those sensations that this colour, which is absolutely emotional, with an infinity of nuances transmits. A colour = many names: baby pink, powdered pink, fuchsia or magenta, bubblegum pink, blush, strawberry …  It cannot be more appealing.

The fashion for pink is palpable and at Industrias Quimicas Iris we are also committed to it. These pink tones can be found in furniture, marquetry, mouldings, knobs and even cars! Finishes in various values of matt, high gloss or satin, also in velvet look among others flood the screens and the real life of this 2023; finishes that present high quality features such as our IR-277/2 Gloss, with  high gloss, fast drying, long durability, high covering power and very good anti-yellowing behaviour or IR-250 Pigmented, one of our great indoor products with endless possibilities of finishes with great physical-chemical performance, special resistance and touch…. and of course in the pink of your dreams…

If you also need to work with water-based paint, in a sustainable way or perhaps with powder paint, don’t hesitate, Industrias Químicas Iris offers you all the solutions.

At Industrias Químicas Iris we make magic with high performance products and incredible ranges of colour and finish. If you need more information write to us at:
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