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We start the year with an explosion of vivid intensity, as every year, PANTONE, shows us the colour trend for a new season in which we all want to be reborn, to create a new way of life… New resolutions fall short in the face of this dazzling colour.  

We live in a time when inclusion is one of the pillars of our philosophy of life, this mixture of three colours almost mercilessly floods our senses. 

Pantone 18-1750  

According to PANTONE itself: “It vibrates with vibrancy and vigour. It is a shade rooted in nature that descends from the red family and expresses a new sign of strength. Viva Magenta is bold, fearless, and a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyful and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative”.  

Some expressions that emerge from the contemplation of this colour: are energy, experimentation, self-expression, and electrifying. It is composed of a symbiosis of red, blue and violet  

The idea of “balancing” our coexistence between the digital, Metaverse and the physical leads us to try to introduce the natural world into our lives (vertical gardens, flowers and plants in our environments) and sustainability. Enjoying the outdoors and twinning with it. Taking care of our bodies in a momore sustainably and naturallyso fulfils the senses and attracts all forms of life.    


Different ways of living, understanding and experiencing life become sensitively charged with this colour in a profound way. It leads us to appreciate what everyone, in their own environment, develops and experiences. After a long time without being able to enjoy it, we now exploit it with intensity and passion, bringing us closer to other aspects of knowledge, abilities and/or sensitivities: bringing together living beings.   

At the same time, the power of intensity of this colour charges our perception to 2000%, reaching unusual levels of energy and creativity. With confidence and courage.   

In Químicas Iris, the development of the finishes allows this VIVA MAGENTA to vibrate without equal, adapting the intention of a dream to the most organic reality. Explore the MAGENTAVERSO with Pantone’s creativity that offers a fantastic colour palette, don’t miss this beautiful and latent vision:

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