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Químicas Iris: objectives achieved


We are on the verge of the deadline -31 October- for the declaration period for packaging placed on the national market for the first time in the period 2022. This declaration, made to the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO), is mandatory and retroactive. Many companies may be unaware of the obligation that affects them as producers of the product, in fact Industrias Químicas Iris has already made the presentation in due time and form. 


What is it for?


Industrias Químicas Iris, being a producer of products ENV/2023/000007125, has declared the packaging generated in the national territory in the development of its activity in 2022, being all of them of an industrial nature. Once the products are consumed, packaging waste is generated in the market and therefore the corresponding declaration must be made.

The aim of this is to know the packaging, materials and quantities placed on the market, in order to promote correct traceability, waste management and waste treatment, to reduce environmental impact and promote good practices, eco-design, improving the useful life of products or their subsequent treatment when waste is generated, among other possible environmental strategies.

How to make this declaration?

The necessary information that must be “at hand” to make the Declaration must include the different types of packaging, of any material, indicating total units and their total weight, and identifying the type of packaging, as well as its recycled material content. The Quality and Environmental Management Systems departments of each company scrupulously follow this point and must be prepared to submit the declaration. Thanks to their work, as well as the declarations made to the Generalitat Valenciana in previous years, at Industrias Químicas Iris, the process of obtaining the information has not been difficult.

A slightly less straightforward issue is the case of composite packaging. In this case, the total number of units will be indicated but lines must be generated for each material contained in the packaging, together with the total weight of each material. For example, in the case of an IBC or IBC, the number of units shall be specified, a line shall be indicated for each material of which it is composed: plastic, metal, wood (if it is based on a wooden pallet) and the total weight of each of the materials shall be indicated.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition, MITECO, has access to the declaration and more information on this matter on its website ( procedure_suborg_responsable=11&procedure_etiqueta_pdu=null&procedure_id=964).

The quality and environmental certificates that you can consult on our website follow the line of teamwork and the development of high quality and sustainable products. Great professionals in  Industrias Químicas Iris with a common goal: to give you the best service.

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