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We would like to take advantage of this blog to introduce you to the entire team behind the wide range of processes and products that Iris has, because without them none of this would be possible.

The team of this company is the soul of each product that Iris brings to market and we have thought it relevant to make a special mention in this blog to our team. Behind every call, every email answered, every colour manufactured, every new product generated, every delivery… there are many people who make it possible.

In Iris we try to bring a team spirit, a family spirit, where each person is able to contribute ideas and grow in their professional life, so we all feel that we belong to this family pursuing a common goal. Encouraging a spirit of work and companionship is fundamental at any workplace.

The importance of teamwork is fundamental in any successful company. From Iris we think that a high-quality team, is built and is more valuable than material resources and that is why we always bet on people.

In the long term, having a loyal staff of high human and professional quality is one of the permanent competitive advantages that the company can have, since the materials, technology etc. can be acquired in the market but the people with their values and how to apply those resources to achieve innovative, reliable, quality results is achieved by the team.

Only in this way are we able to advance, grow, innovate, work, get along, etc.

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