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This new solvent-based product has already become part of the IRIS family. It consists of a product that responds to market needs already existing and latent for some time. This product confers metallic properties to the support on which it is applied, allowing the treated surface to attract magnets.

So far we have seen magnetic paint for walls but at IRIS we wanted to go one step further by creating this product that can be present on any surface and be applied to a wide variety of furniture such as junior furniture both at home and in schools where creativity makes its way, in kitchens offering useful solutions, in work spaces where organization, information and space is key, and many other applications.

It is a multipurpose product as it can be applied to MDF, melamine (previously treated with primer), serves as a support for laminates (provided that the micronage of the laminate does not reduce and maintain the properties of the product), etc. It is very useful for surfaces where magnets are used or simply to give a casual style to the furniture where it is applied. It is a new product and has a very practical purpose since it means that any support can be used to attract any magnet product.

The recommended system of application is the gun (aerographic, mixed or airless equipment). It is a pigmented product on which a pigmented finish is applied. It is a two-component grey polyurethane primer to which a solvent can be added if required and whose final result can include a wide range of colours as any colour can be applied to it.

In IRIS we are committed to innovation and creativity in everyday design, we are aware that our customers believe in products that generate a positive impact on people and their ability to interact with the objects around them. That is why MAGNEFOND is a great option for them to develop all their creativity designing their products.

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