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IRIS coating for Makor Group’s SLOT GUN technology.


Industrias Químicas Iris is immersed in the research and creation of new products, but it also works hard to ensure that processes are developed with wide-ranging technological improvements.

One of the processes currently required is the coating of irregular edges such as handles, large radii, etc. and combinations thereof (especially made of MDF), with automatic application system, which can allow high working speed, high performance and low or zero VOC emissions.

Makor Group, has developed a modular edge coating and sanding system, GEMINI, which can combine: roller coater, vacuum coater and “Slot Gun” application.

The Slot Gun system is a type of spraying with a special nozzle, which allows the coating of irregular edges with virtually zero overspray on flat parts of workpieces.  The Slot Gun requires UV curing, which is also integrated in the GEMINI line.

For this purpose, IRIS Chemical Industries has developed for Slot-Gun a range of 100% solids white UV-curable basecoats with high transfer and hiding power, good adhesion and sandability.

After testing them in Makor’s application laboratory, different base coating processes could be developed and optimised with IRIS products under the supervision of its laboratory technicians.

With this Makor Group technology, and the range of products developed by Industrias Químicas Iris, it is possible to base coat different and irregular types of edges with high working speed. Achieving  high performance and environmentally friendly process.

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