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IRIFROST: Creativity and art in varnish

IRIFROST (ice effect varnish) belongs to the range of special IRIS varnishes developed in the R&D department, creating a three-dimensional stratified effect that gives the surfaces coated with it an inimitable appearance. With this varnish, thanks to its irregular shades, a 3D screened film is obtained that provides spectacular visual effects. By using IRIFROST, when light strikes the particles of the product, a true imitation of ice is achieved, as if it were an expansion of liquid crystals.

This new product in the IRIS water-based line is a colourless single-component varnish which, when applied by air-drying, creates a characteristic “ice effect” relief with different colours, unalterable by light. As it is water-based, this product has the innumerable advantages that this type of line has.

It is applied directly to previously anchored and sanded surfaces with subsequent air drying to which the desired metallic colour of our single-component metallic series is subsequently applied.

It is recommended that it be applied with an airbrush, spreading it evenly and allowing it to dry for at least one day so that the desired frosting effect is created. Particularly suitable for interior furniture decoration.

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