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It’s important to know what kind of products will preserve our surfaces to avoid future problems.



What we know as “finishes” give us countless sensations: shimmering sheens or deep matt finishes of magnificent intensity that give a surface and, as a whole, an environment unique characteristics.

Depending on their use, they will be worked in certain ways so that, for example, a surface that is made of wood in a bathroom will have to be configured differently from one installed in a kitchen or in a living room or bedroom. There will also be differences in metal surfaces.

For its maintenance, we will also take into account certain aspects to “extend” the great research work that the Iris team puts into all its projects.




Surfaces have a “useful life” determined by their use, among other aspects. Each varnish has a certain resistance to:
CHEMICAL AGENTS: chemical element or compound, on its own or mixed, as it occurs in its natural state or is produced, used or discharged, including discharge as waste, in an occupational activity, whether intentionally produced or not and whether intentionally placed on the market or not.
MECHANICAL or PHYSICAL AGENTS: is a form of energy present in the environment that has the capacity to interact with matter producing different changes that can range from a substantial modification of the matter to a momentary change in its state.

As well as EXTERNAL, producing an erosion of the surface and INTERNAL, caused by reactions of the components of the element.
Strong chemical products with a “stripping” action, such as acetones, are lethal for maintaining the appearance of the surface in good condition, but the action of the sun or cold or damp heat, among others, are also reasons why we can deteriorate them.

Having clarified this, from Industrias Químicas Iris, we are going to give you some tips to efficiently maintain your surfaces.



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