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Our company Iris Polonia sp. z. o. o. has been nominated for the Gazelle Business Awards 2015.

What is the Gazelle Award and why are we proud to be among the nominees?

Gazelle companies are those that grow at a faster rate than most: 20% for three consecutive years. They are characterized as those that grow by weathering the market risks as best they can, and those that grow quickly by anticipating those risks; in addition, their management is proactive rather than reactive.

Many of the companies that are born soon die, as it happens to many entrepreneurs, because they do not know how to scale them up since they are not capable of generating cooperative strategies in their value chain, they fail in the forms of their sales channels, they do not have a good financial base, they fail in the management of the operating cash cycle, etc. When a company grows quickly it is necessary to know if this growth allows to continue having cash flow (fundamental for a company to stay alive) and that is why this management is fundamental in the growth of a company.

From Iris together with all our professionals we have been able to manage this 20% increase that has allowed us to be among the nominees for the awards.

The human team has been fundamental to accelerate the growth and to be able to promote what Iris had in mind at a strategic level, since “rowing all in the same direction” and with the necessary management and resources, it is always possible to reach further.

That is why we take advantage of this post to congratulate each of the members of this group, since together we have made it possible.

Now we only have to KEEP GROWING

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