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What is water-based paint?


It should be noted that solvent-based products are currently being used, which emit VOCs into the atmosphere with the resulting damage to the environment.

Ecofilm, the water-based paint of Iris


In INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRIS SA, the formulation of water-based products has been focused on the development of a technology that is as compatible as possible with the environment and that meets the specifications, application conditions and characteristics (both technical and aesthetic), required by our customers, for its application on wood and related supports. The varnishes and water-based paints produced in IRIS are coatings, mainly for the wood sector and intended for industrial use.

There are two main groups depending on the purpose of the surface to be painted; interior (WI) or exterior (WE).

In products for exterior use (WE), a careful selection of raw materials (polymers, co-solvents, wetting agents, deaerating agents, UV filters, water-repellents, shades, …) used in the development of our products, allows us to develop a breathable film, resistant to UV radiation and flexible, which, in addition to facilitating the exchange of moisture between the wood and the surrounding environment, also accompanies the wood in the processes of contraction and expansion of the same, caused by weather changes, thus increasing the durability of the structure applied. It is these watery products for exteriors that offer us better performance than conventional solvent products, both in terms of mechanical performance and subsequent maintenance over time.

The range of products for indoor use (WI), despite the tough competition posed by the presence of two-component polyurethane systems with solvent and high-solids UV-curing systems, is making headway in certain sectors; where the range for floor varnishing should be highlighted. Single-component acrylic and/or polyurethane varnishes and paints compete easily with nitrocellulose systems and some solvent polyurethanes. In more demanding environments (kitchens and bathrooms), we must resort to two-component water-based systems or UV curing systems to achieve results more similar to conventional ones.

For all these reasons, IRIS continues to be committed to the development and innovation of products in this line, always meeting the needs of customers with sustainability.

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