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Nowadays, anyone can post information on social networks. So much so that it is sometimes difficult to tell whether a news item is true or false. In fact, due to the current global pandemic we are experiencing, the Covid-19, this traffic of information has been radically increased. For this reason, it is advisable to check information with accredited entities.

In recent months, many people and companies are trying to find solutions, either to combat or to prevent it. Specifically, in the paint, varnish and coating manufacturing sector, we can be grateful to have ASEFAPI, an association in charge of keeping us informed of all the news about those effective products currently on the market.

Therefore, INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRIS SA wants to join the publication made by ASEFAPI on April 17, 2020 on the differences between “Biocides” and “Treated articles” ; and if it is possible to use them to combat Covid-19 (

On the one hand, there are the so called “Biocides” (fungicides, bactericides, insecticides, viricides, etc.) which are products whose objective is to destroy, counteract, neutralize, prevent the action or exercise a control of another type on any harmful organism. This type of product requires a long process of evaluation and registration, without which the product cannot be marketed.

On the other hand, a ‘treated article’, according to a publication of the European Chemicals Agency, is any substance, mixture or article whose purpose is not to disinfect, but which by its characteristics can do so. This type of product does not need to be registered but neither can it be advertised due to its secondary properties. Its labelling will be subject to the legislation in force and must not create confusion among customers.

That is why from INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRIS SA we assure that our labelling of the products follows the one required by the current legislation.

According to ASEFAPI, there are currently standardized tests to evaluate the effectiveness bactericidal and viricidal of a coating. However, the virus Covid-19 is not available, at this time, for the development of tests on consumer products. Therefore, all the information that has been published in recent weeks on the use of anti-Covid “biocides” additives in coatings, varnishes and paints does not correspond to reality, since their effectiveness bactericidal and viricidal cannot be guaranteed by means of validated and approved tests.

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