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What is powder coating?


Often, different questions arise as to what so-called powder coating consists of. In this post we go into this world trying to tell in general terms what it consists of and try to explain why Iris has a line of powder coating for which they bet.

Powder painting is an innovative and ecological solution for the coating of a wide variety of products. Applied electrostatically and cured in ovens, the process produces a durable and high resistance finish, with minimum impact on the environment.

Since their launch, powder coatings are the fastest growing industrial finishing segment in the world, providing economy in application combined with environmental friendliness.

It is a type of industrial coating in the form of fine particles, 100% solid, is composed of a homogeneous mixture of mineral charges, pigments and solid resins.

In this process, the powder particles of the paint are electrically charged while the product to be painted is connected to the ground, and as a result an electrostatic attraction is produced that allows the product to adhere to a film of powder sufficient to cover its entire surface evenly and completely.

Powder coating is mostly used on metallic materials and is highly resistant to chemical reactions, abrasion, corrosion, or any extreme temperature or weather condition.

This type of painting allows for lower energy consumption and since it does not contain or use any solvents for its manufacture and application, it is a product whose environmental impact is minimal, which fits perfectly with the principle advocated by IRIS“It’s our planet, we have to respect it” through the search for sustainable products.

ColorWind, Iris powder coating


ColorWind is our own powder line for which we at INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRIS, S.A. are committed. This line has a wide range of colours and finishes. As mentioned above, it is an environmentally friendly type of paint and its powder format means that no waste is generated, so that the application is efficient and without losses. The paint is highly respectful with the environment and presents all the properties and advantages mentioned above, that is why Iris also bets on this type of paint that offers a magnificent result. All mentioned are small details about this type of paint, since its applications, colors and finishes can be infinite.

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