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Children’s toys: Always safe.


Industrias Químicas Iris offers quality and safety in the home, in fact, everything in our home must follow a regulated manufacturing standards to offer these two aspects. Of course, within the furniture, the one related to childhood, is a sector with very specific characteristics that provide the protection and resistance that our children need. This can be extended to toy shops, school furniture, special centres, etc.

Children’s furniture must meet a series of efficiency and safety criteria, but we must also ensure that it is as practical as possible.  We must bear in mind that children tend to experiment with their environment through their mouths first and foremost: they try and bite whatever they are able to “catch” with their little hands: toys, furniture, etc. …. It is vitally important to protect them with a composition free of heavy metals, as well as a resistant and well-designed structure.

We find that this fragment of the furniture sector uses colour, pigments, in a more notable way. It was precisely these pigments that provided heavy metals in addition to colour. By creating pigment alternatives free of these negative agents, we achieved our goal of a clean, resistant and high quality product.

Any of our ACRYLIC base coats and finishes will provide resistance, physical-chemical, safety, as they do not contain heavy metals and zero emissions of fragrances or odours that could cause harm to any user.

In this company we firmly follow the safety criteria, updating parameters according to regulations such as the one that concerns us in this case: UNE-EN 71-3.


Industrias Químicas Iris offers quality and safety also in the home.

Free of unpleasant and/or dangerous smells.


We must insist that odours can also be harmful in the handling of lacquered or pigmented objects, so we also make our environment and, above all, that of the little ones, safe and radiant with colour.

If you are in the toy or furniture industry and would like more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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