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Chemical Industry in the achievement of the SDGs


Industrias Químicas Iris is constantly changing and evolving, not only in terms of research and the creation of new products, but also by working to ensure that processes are adapted to sustainability guidelines without neglecting the economic production aspect.

Last May, an article was published in TÜVSUD.COM, an international provider of high quality, safety and sustainability solutions specialised in certification, audits, testing, inspections, consultancy and training, expressing the exemplary nature of the chemical sector in its conversion and sustainable development. It showed how the chemical industry contributes to achieving the SDGs.

It is clear that the world is changing and that it is essential that we change our habits of consumption, manufacturing, energy use, substitution of types of energy in favour of the elimination of carbon emissions, etc… we have only one planet and we must conserve it.  The importance is not “trivial”: we are working towards achieving the 2030 agenda. The 17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals can be viewed here. For more information visit:

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