General Sales Conditions

GENERAL INFORMATION. The sale conditions reflected in this document apply,..

  • The sale conditions reflected in this document apply, in general, to all sales made by INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS IRIS, S. A, (hereinafter “the Company”), located in the industrial area, C / 3 – No. 6 – 46220 Picassent – Valencia – Spain, to its customers without prejudice to the particular conditions that could be agreed expressly in individual cases.
  • The Company reserves the right to change these general conditions of sale under the terms it deems appropriate and necessary. Any change will take effect from the time when the measure is adopted by the Company and in no case shall retroactively for operations already carried out. These general conditions of sale are applicable from the time of its publication on our website:
  • All deliveries, shipments and services will be done according these general conditions of sale; although there may exist private contracts that, subject to these conditions, can modify expressly, one or more of the general conditions.
  • Our offers do not involve any obligation for the Company and the prices reflected in these offers, unless expressly agreed otherwise between the parties, are understood in force as long as the Company deems appropriate.
  • Any change on prices, whether general or specific for any product / s, will be released on time by mail or email.
  • The offer presented to the customer (hereinafter the buyer) will be considered as accepted in all its terms when the buyer places the order.
  • The prices are considered net prices and are expressed in Euros (€) for insular and peninsular Spanish territory.
  • Prices for abroad are quoted in Euros (€) and the ExWorks mode.
  • All these prices are considered valid for standard container. Such packaging will be reflected in the offer and corresponds, failing that, with the packaging of 25 litres. A specific supplements will apply to this price for containers of less capacity.
  • If in the offer appears a manifestly erroneous price and without relevant reason thereof, the price will be reviewed according to the usual practice of the company in fixing and price policy. The buyer will be notified of this change prior to the preparation of the order, to express their acceptance of the new price or resignation and subsequent cancellation of that line of the order or the complete order.
  • The shipping surcharges are not included in the quoted prices, without prejudice if the Company agrees, on upon certain conditions with the buyer, to include the assumption of transport costs in the price.
  • In general, the carriage will be paid by the buyer for all those orders with a volume of less than 150 kg or a value less than 500 €. The final determination of the weight of the shipment will be set by the Company.
  • The company will pay the freight in those cases where this has been agreed with the buyer. This agreement will always be based on the term of payment, volume, frequency, final destination and means of transport.
  • As a general rule, the Company does not assume any charge for air shipments.
  • The Company reserves the right to hire a shipment (freight due) if and when it does not harm the buyer.
  • The payment period, unless expressly agreed between the Company and the buyer is 60 days maximum invoice date. The parts may agree shorter payment periods with or without special conditions if agreed to by the parties.
  • Accepted forms of payment are: cash, bank transfer, accepted bank check, bank guarantee, promissory note, bank draft and bill of exchange accepted.
  • Of these mentioned means of payment, those deferred on time must be valid and suitable for being traded. All extra expenses incurred by negotiation, discount, refund, etc. caused by these effects are borne by the buyer and payable immediately to the Company.
  • These deferred payment deferred on time, make the eventual complaint by the buyer is conditional on to the Company has the corresponding amount available.
  • The Company reserves the right to revoke payment terms agreed with the buyer in the event that the Company has the evidence of a significant and reliable deterioration of the financial circumstances of the buyer. In this case, the Company may demand immediate payment of all outstanding accounts regardless of the concentration carried out with them.
  • In case of non-payment, the Company will take all measures it deems necessary to collect the amounts owed by the other party. In no case, you can argue a defect in the product, delivery, service, etc. to justify the non-payment.
  • Iris, S. A. will consider any complaint, lodged by the buyer through the channels enabled for it, and agrees to give the buyer a sufficient response and in the shortest possible time to the raised controversy.
  • Iris, S. A. delivers orders placed according the following deadlines:
    • 7 working days for standard products in standard package.
    • 14 working days for special products or standard products in a different packaging.
    • Both terms are considered as a whole including order processing, preparation and shipping.
    • Both deadlines must be completed by adding the time of transportation.
    • However, the Company and the buyer may agree conditions governing the conditions of service, replacement, reserve stock, programming, etc.
    • The company will make every effort to comply, and as far as possible to shorten these deadlines. However, the Company does not assume responsibility for the delay in these deadlines because the intervention of a third party and unpredictable circumstances (force majeure) that do not allow thorough and complete process control by the Company.
    • All mentioned deadlines start counting once the order is considered firm.
    • The order is considered firm once the buyer has accepted the payment terms of the company and in turn the Company has verified the financial viability of the operation.
    • Any partial shipments of an order are acceptable if and when the buyer accepts this circumstance.
    • These partial shipments can not generate additional transportation costs to the buyer.
    • All delays attributable to the buyer (payment guarantee, lack on documentation required, etc.) are considered as a non-compliance with the conditions and goes to the detriment of the deadlines of service.
    • The observance of deadlines is considered correct when the shipment has left the Company within the time limits provided for shipment or, if the collection is the responsibility of the buyer, when the company has notified irrefutably and unequivocally, that the product is available for collecting.
    • If after a period of 30 calendar days from the announcement of the company, the purchaser has not collected the goods, the Company may cancel the standard products included in the order.
    • As regards special products manufactured under the express request of the buyer, the Company may charge the amount corresponding to the holder of the order with the mode of payment agreed, leaving the goods available at customer’s disposal on the facilities of the Company. This period of custody will generate a charge of € 3 per calendar day and stored kilo.
  • Company’s and buyer responsibilities on the service.
    • The Company will assume the responsibility that, in accordance with legal regulations, is attributable to gross negligence or willful misconduct on his side in the service (adequacy of packaging and labeling to the current legislation, correct preparation of the order, hiring of transportation when corresponding, etc.).
    • In cases where the buyer is responsible for hiring transport, the responsability is between him and the company responsible for such transportation; therefore, the Company does not assumes responsibility in this part of the service.
    • The ownership of the goods passes to the buyer at the time when the loading of the goods at the contracted transport occurs. This applies for complete shipments and partial shipments as well.
    • The goods are shipped according to our best knowledge and judgment but without guarantee and the cheapest and fastest way. Additional costs caused by special requirements of the buyer for a shipment will be at his own expense.
  • All elements (drums, containers, etc.) and equipment (extracting pumps, stirrels, etc.), delivered in custody by the Company to the buyer, remain the property of the Company.
  • The buyer may not sell, assign, rent or dispose of them in any way.
  • The buyer agrees to take care of them properly and keep them in serviceable condition, assuming the cost of maintenance and reparation of these equipments.
  • In the event that any machine becomes unsuitable for its use, the buyer will assume the replacement cost of a new equipment to replace the previous one in the same terms agreed previously.
  • All equipments loaned by the company are transferred for the intended use by the Company and for being used with our products.
  • The Company may require the buyer to sign a contract as prior to the transfer of any equipment.
  • The equipments transferred by the company should be insured by the depositary.
  • To the extent that there may be a defect in the product purchased, and whenever as a result of a pre-existing situation, we are committed to do our best for correcting the product or for replacing a new one. The expenses necessary for the improvement or replacement, such as transport, travel costs, labor and other material costs will be assumed by the Company if and when these costs are not increased due to the fact that the product purchased is in a place other than the place of delivery.
  • The buyer must agree with the company the time and opportunity to carry out improvements or modifications deemed necessary to correct the defect or for the replacement of the product; otherwise, the Company shall be released from liability for the resulting consequences. All these actions are exclusively competence of the Company.
  • Only in those urgent cases, when the Company is reported and the intervention has been authorized and in order to prevent further damage, the buyer is entitled to correct the defect by himself following the instructions provided by the specialized company staff.
  • The buyer is obliged to inspect each shipment on delivery, reporting immediately of any observed defect and providing all written and / or graphic material that can serve as proof of the defect communicated. Any such claim will be attended only within a week after the receipt of the goods. This does not include subsequent claims about the stability, product usage or behavior. After a week of delivery, this shall be considered as completely correct and adjusted to the order.
  • The Company does not accept product claims due to improper storage of the product, product expiration, improper use for other than recommended or mixtures out the product use, improper handling, etc.
  • The deadline for submitting any product claim is 12 months from the date of delivery.
  • In the event that the liability of the Company is proved by the malfunction of the product, any compensation for damages caused by this bad behaviour shall be limited to reimbursement of typical, foreseeable and quantifiable damages.
  • No liability due to negligent use of the product by the user will be accepted, regardless of whether it is deliberate negligence or unforeseen.
  • The advisory service that the company provides on its products, whether in word or in writing, is given in good faith and is not binding; and does not represent a commitment, responsibility or legal obligation.
  • The buyer assumes the obligation to ensure that the products are suitable for the application cycle and final destination.
  • The user is solely responsible for the application, use and modification of the products purchased. Therefore, unless there is a technical manager of the company while using, we are not responsible for the application, use and transformation of the products used.
  • However, as it explained in section 7.1., if it is concluded that the product has a hidden defect for the user who determines its use, behavior and the end result, the Company will assume only foreseeable and quantifiable damage.
  • However, the anterior provisions does not exclude any liability arising from the application of the law by the competent courts or conforms to it.
  • While are not regulated in these Terms and Conditions,, , other claims of the buyer for damages are excluded.
  • The Company will have full ownership of the goods until the buyer has complied fully and to the satisfaction of the Company all the obligations arising from the business relationship between the parties.
  • Products placed on the buyer’s facilities and whose payment is deferred in time should be insured against theft, breakage, fire, water and other damage, in order to ensure that the Company is not injured in his interests.
  • This insurance is payable by the buyer and the Company may require its hiring and a copy of the policy.
  • If the buyer does not have the necessary insurance, this insurance may be hired by the Company unilaterally and charging the amount to the depositary of the products.
  • The buyer can sell the purchased products or process them in the exercise of their ordinary professional activities.
  • However, when exercising this commercial, professional or industrial activity, the buyer wants oblige or secure any type of product warranty with a third party requires the prior written consent of the Company.
  • The buyer renounces any jurisdiction in favor of the courts of the city of Valencia (Valencia – Spain).
  • If a provision of these general conditions is invalid for any reason, either generally or in an individual case, it will have no effect on the validity of the other provisions or terms and conditions of business here reflected.
  • All cases, special or general, which are not included in this document shall be governed by the law applicable in each case.

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